Title image Building an EEG at home with the OpenEEG project


So, you want to build an OpenEEG and you are wondering where to begin. First you will need to acquaint yourself with the resources that are available to you:

Mailing lists

Register yourself on the OpenEEG mailing lists: Openeeg-list -- General discussion of hardware and software, for developers and users

...and have a good browse of the mailing list archives: OpenEEG list archives


Read the files in the OpenEEG documents directory:

I also found these links useful:


Download a copy of the latest schematics (modularEEG_vx.xx.zip) from: OpenEEG project downloads page

This file contains:

The schematics are in Eagle cad format (available as freeware from http://www.cadsoftusa.com).

Alternatively PDF versions may be available at: http://openeeg.sourceforge.net/modeeg/pdf/ but may not be up to date.


You will need the following tools:

...and if you make a soldering mistake you will need:

Additional materials

User contributed comments and advice

If you have questions please do not post them here. That is what the mailing lists are for.

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Posted July 29 2003 2:25 am, by gwtt@abv.bg
Subject: SMD

Using SMD will make the device cheaper and more reliable and compact.
In adition - PCB board will be cheaper

Posted April 9 2005 5:04 pm, by gwtt@abv.bg
Subject: Open ECG project

If you like to multitask on different projects to construct more reliable and universal device and soft can visit:

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