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Simple EEG Assembly

This document assumes that you have done all the preparation in the Simple ModularEEG document, especially the testing.

You'll want to familiarise yourself with the following information:

Picture key Picture of item; The cyan-colored numbers in the photos mark the locations of the various connectors
The digital PCB
  1. Board-to-board connector: Carries power to, and signals from, the analog board
  2. Power input (PWR = positive input, GND1 = negative input.)
  3. Serial I/O (RxD = data input from PC, TxD = data output to PC)
  4. Microcontroller programming connector
Photo of the digital board
The Analogue PCB
  1. EEG channel 1 input
  2. EEG channel 2 intput 
  3. DRL output
  4. Calibration signal output
  5. Board-to-board connector: Carries power to, and signals from, the analog board
Photo of the amplifier board

Basic Steps

Note that in the following instructions, rather than making the actual connections, you are plugging the appropriate pinhead connector to the PCB.  You should have attached the pinhead connectors as per the instructions in the SimpleEEG Case and Cabling document.

If you have trouble following the pictures above, Andreas' lovely diagram may help a little.

  • Filling the metal case (you need to do one of these for each Analogue board)
    • If you are using multiple analogue boards, you will need to follow the (non-Simple) instructions at the Multichannel ModularEEG page.
    • Mount the analogue PCB in the metal case
    • Plug the electrodes into Analogue 1 and Analogue 2 (unnumbered J, but labelled "EEG ch1" and "EEG ch2")
    • Plug the DRL into Analogue 3 (unnumbered J, but labelled "DRL")
    • Ignore Analogue 4
    • Plug one end of the PCB to PCB cable into Analogue 5 (J201)
    • Drape the ends of the cables out of the box
    • Close the box
  • Filling the plastic case
    • Mount the metal case(s) in the plastic case
    • Mount the digital PCB in the plastic case
    • Join the PCBs together with the PCB-to-PCB cable, from Analogue 5 in the metal box to Digital 1 (J102) on the digital board
    • Plug the battery clip into Digital 2 (unnumbered J, but labelled to GND1 and PWR)
    • Plug the 9-pin serial socket into Digital 3 (unnumbered J, but labelled RXD and TXD)
    • Ignore Digital 4
    • Close the case
  • Plug in the external serial cable, the electrodes, and the DRL