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Mindfield Biosystems Ltd.

MindMaster EEG

This is a medically certified (EN 60601 CE) redesign of the ModularEEG circuit done by Joerg Hansmann for Mindfield Biosystems.
The firmware is P2 downwards compatible.

Key features:

  • The MindMaster EEG is part of a complete ready-to-go system with everything included
  • 2 EEG channels (4 electrodes) + 1 DRL electrode. 
  • 0.5uVp-p resolution, ca. 1uVp-p noise, ca. 256Hz sample frequency 
  • USB port for communication with PC and power supply 
  • Impedance mode (5 sub-modes for checking individual electrodes)
  • Auto-calibration (4 sub modes) 
  • Medical grade isolation of EEG ports from USB port 
  • ESD protection up to +-15kV according to "Human Body Model", IEC 1000-4-2, Air-Gap Discharge on any port. 
  • Tested and certified EMI / RFI protection (part of EN60601-1) 
  • Complete risk management (part of EN60601-1)

A description of the MindMaster EEG in German language is here.

The device can be bought at

Due to medical guidelines the MindMaster EEG for now is only available for German and Austrian customers.
Also the MindMaster EEG can be ordered only from customers with shipping address in Germany or Austria.

EEG Software MindStream

MindStream is a part of the complete and ready-to-go MindMaster EEG system. It is medically certified together with the EEG hardware and fulfills the requirements of the European Council guideline appendix I93/42/EWG for medical devices of class IIa.

The correctness of all software functions has been verified with extensive test procedures.

A few highlights:

  • Graphical electrode placement, impedance checking and auto-calibration
  • EEG recording in EDF+ format
  • Annotations of events possible
  • Easy to understand user guidance
  • Management of an unlimited amount of users and sessions
  • CSA and FFT displays
  • Simple and complex neurofeedback filters
  • Visual and/or acoustic feedback from a rich library
  • Import of user animations (GIF) and sound (mp3, midi)
  • Training statistics for assessment of training success

A more complete description of the MindStream Software in German language is here.

EEG accessories

for the MindMaster EEG can be bought at 

Unlike the MindMaster EEG device itself the accessories are sold and shipped worldwide.

Most of the accessories can also be used together with the OpenEEG devices.