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Active Electrodes for the modularEEG

The active electrodes described here work by putting a unity-gain amplifier right next to the electrode up on the scalp. This greatly improves the signal quality received by the modularEEG and avoids the skin preparation and conductive paste required by normal passive electrodes (i.e. no more goo in your hair!)

Jarek Foltynski created the initial designs and prototypes, and these are described on his site. Joerg Hansmann refined the v2 circuit design. Ian Vincent previously introduced the idea of using multiple-pin electrodes which can pass through the hair easily, which combines well with the active electrode idea. Joe Street created a modified design using power cells instead of requiring power from the modularEEG. Jim Peters constructed a version of Joerg's design. Pedro Ortega created a simplified version without the shielding/guarding, along with a construction how-to guide. Others on the mailing list are also trying electrodes based on similar ideas.


active electrode active electrode active electrode
active electrode active electrode active electrode