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EEG Calibrator

Short description from "EEG Calibrator User Manual v1.3.pdf":

The EEG Calibrator is intended for the performance measurement, confirmation and the evaluation of various EEG Neurofeedback devices and solutions. The unit can be used to measure the performance of EEG hardware, software or a combination thereof. It could also be used to evaluate neurofeedback treatment protocol design behaviour as designed in software packages such as BioExplorer, BioEra or similar.

The EEG Calibrator is a sinewave generator that can produce 1 to 64Hz sinewaves of known, fixed amplitude. Besides being able to select the frequency in 1Hz steps via DIP-switches, the unit also allows for frequency sweeps and pulse generation. The latter is a square wave pulse that can be used to measure things such as settling time, digital filter response, phase delay, etc.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency range 1 to 64 Hz sine wave in 1Hz steps programmable via DIP switches
Frequency accuracy ± 2%
Frequency generation 8-bit PWM 200-point lookup table 2nd order low pass filtered at 160Hz (-3dB)
Pulse width 10, 20, 30 & 40 µS programmable
Pulse width repetition 10, 20, 40, 80, 160 & 320 mS programmable
Output voltage 50µVpp (SPOT & SWEEP mode) 200µVpp (SPOT & SWEEP mode) 2000µVpp (SPOT & SWEEP mode) 125, 500, 5000 µV (PULSE mode)
Output voltage accuracy ± 3% (SPOT & SWEEP mode)
Output Impedance ≤ Output Impedance 200 ohms (output setting depending)
Output Protection The output is short circuit protected
Power Supply Single 1.5V battery, AA-size
Power Consumption Typically 14mA @ 1.5V
Battery life Approximately 40 hours