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Biopotential Technology

This is a collection of resources on biopotential measurement
and next generation human-computer interfacing.

Biofeedback Device Schematics

EEG - Electroencephalograph Schematics

ECG - Electrocardiogram Schematics

EMG - Electromyrograph Schematics

GSR - Galvanic Skin Response Schematics

Respiration Monitor Schematics

Mind Machine (Light and Sound) Schematics

Other Miscellaneous Schematics

Portable Biofeedback Devices

Sensors for Biopotential Measurement

Mobile Biofeedback Monitors

Portable Neurofeedback Devices

Clinical/Research Instrumentation

Biopotential Measurement Theory

Biopotential Measurement Theory

EEG Signal Measurement

ECG Signal Measurement

EMG Signal Measurement

GSR Signal Measurement

Respiration Measurement

Digital Signal Processing

General DSP Theory

Fourier Transform

Wavelet Transform

Digital Filtering

EEG Signal Processing

EMG Signal Processing

Biofeedback/Neurofeedback Theory

General Biofeedback Resources

EEG - Neurofeedback Resources

ECG - Electrocardiography Resources

EMG - Electromyography Resources

GSR - Galvanic Skin Response Resources

Biofeedback Journals and Reference

Biofeedback Discussion Groups

Brainwave Entrainment Resources

Brainwave Entrainment Articles

Brainwave Entrainment Mind Machines

Brainwave Entrainment CD-ROMs

Brainwave Entrainment Software

Human Computer Interfacing Resources

Computer Control Techniques

EEG Computer Interfaces

EMG Computer Interfaces

Multi-Sensor Computer Interfaces

Neural Computer Interfaces

Affective Computing Resources

Affective Computing Concepts

Affective Research Systems

Affective Signal Processing

Affective Computing Research Groups

Other Emotion Related Sites

Context-Aware Computing Resources

Electromagnetics Resources

ESP and PSI Resources


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