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OpenEEG-related software

The OpenEEG project aims to encourage the development of free / libre / open-source software for biofeedback and EEG analysis. A number of developers have contributed work to the OpenEEG community under free licenses. There are also a couple of closed-source applications that provide support for OpenEEG hardware. There are also some tools and libraries developed for the project.

Open-source apps

Name Type Screenshot Primary Developers Platforms Technologies License Description/Notes
Neuroserver Raw EEG to TCP/IP + EDF converter neuroserver diagram Rudi Cilibrasi Windows and Linux C GPL Neuroserver is a project to provide a standard EEG server that mediates between the raw EEG devices and all the various EEG applications that the user may wish to run to analyse the incoming EEG data. Data is transmitted using TCP/IP, which means that the EEG data can just as easily pass over a network (or even the internet) as stay on the same machine. Standard EDF is used for header information and for file storage.
BioEra (formerly BioPro) Biofeedback: visual designer bioera
      screenshot Jarek Foltynski Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, PDA Linux, or other Java Java GPL It was originally designed to run on a PDA, and so uses integer maths for speed.
BrainBay Biofeedback: MIDI, particle display brainbay screenshot Chris Veigl and Jeremy Wilkerson Windows C++ GPL It supports MIDI output and a particle display amongst other things.
Brainathlon Game brainathlon screenshot Amy Palke ? (Java) Java ??? (Open Source) Brainathlon is a one- or two-player game with three stages. It can be used to train for increased EEG levels in a particular band, for sustained higher levels in a band, and for improved ratios between two bands.
Java EEG libraries Library: EEG Amy Palke ? (Java) Java ??? (Open Source) These Java libraries are included as part of the source for Brainathlon
ABI BCI software Experimental Brain- Computer interface abi screenshot Pedro Ortega Windows C ??? (Open Source) ABI is experimental BCI (brain-computer interface) software. It uses neural networks to learn to distinguish between specific conscious mental tasks (e.g. imagining moving a finger), based on training sessions with the modularEEG. Once trained, it can be used to automatically recognise these mental activities. This could eventually become the basis of a full brain-computer communication system. There is a lot of potential here for experimenting with different approaches (i.e. mental tasks, frequencies, electrode placements) to find which are most effective.
BWView Brainwave viewer bwview
      screenshot Jim Peters Windows and Linux C GPL BWView is an application designed to view the frequency content of recorded brainwave files. It uses wavelets rather than a conventional FFT to analyse the data for maximum flexibility and resolution.
EEGMIR Neurofeedback eegmir
      screenshot Jim Peters Windows and Linux C + libSDL ??? (Open Source) EEGMIR is a prototype neurofeedback application. However, development has currently stalled on this project.

Closed-source apps

Name Type Screenshot Primary Developers Platforms Technologies License Description/Notes
Electric Guru ElectricGuru screenshot Rob Sacks Windows Closed Source ElectricGuru was the first software to support the modularEEG. However, the source code remains closed, even though the Windows executables are freely available to download. Note that the current modularEEG is a later version of the RS232EEG mentioned on that page, and that BuildCheapEEG was the name of our old Yahoo mailing list before we became the OpenEEG project.
BioExplorer BioExplorer screenshot Closed Source

BioExplorer is commercial software created by CyberEvolution. This costs around 375 to 450 USD, but a limited trial version is available. Some people on the mailing list (e.g. those who couldn't wait for free software to be developed) do actively use BioExplorer for their biofeedback training and seem very happy with it.

The modularEEG hardware (with P2 firmware) is supported by an updated driver file, available here. Download and unzip the file, then copy BioDevice.dll over the old version found somewhere in the BioExplorer directory tree. Finally run reg.exe, also in the BioExplorer directory, to register the driver.

Tools and libraries

Name Type Screenshot Primary Developers Platforms Technologies License Description/Notes
bwtool Command line brainwave file conversion/ manipulation tool bwtool diagram Pedro Ortega Windows ANSI C ??? (Open Source) It reads and writes modEEG P2, modEEG P3, text and binary, and should soon support EDF and BrainBay archives. It allows file conversion, data selection (by channel and time-period), merging and joining data files.
Fiview Filter design application fiview
      screenshot Jim Peters Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X GPL It allows multiple digital filters to be tested and compared. It includes IIR filter-design code (based on Dr Tony Fisher's mkfilter).
fidlib Library: Run-time filter design fiview
      screenshot Jim Peters Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X LGPL fidlib is used by BrainBay, EEGMIR, and fiview.
OpenEEGLib Dave Fisher C++ LGPL This is a very old (dead) project in the OpenEEG CVS. It was a library intended to provide the basis for apps such as BioEra or BrainBay, but in the end those apps found their own solutions. Some of the ideas or code developed here might possibly be useful to revive at some later date.