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Nelo's ModularEEG gallery

This is Nelo's two channel EEG device.

Click on the images to get a larger view. (Each image is 30 to 50 kb.)

The ModularEEG

The amplifier and digital boards
The front, with the power LED, Electrode inputs (cinch) and resolution trimmers (200, 500, 2000 uV. The trimmers are not part of the standard design.
The back, with power and serial port connectors
The insides. Notice the upper right corner of the circuit board and all wires and connectors attached to it, are kept away from the rest of the device for safety reasons. Also notice that the amplifier board is inside a metal box, to reduce noise.


The electrode cap - made of ribbon, rubber and dry zip
Bottom view of the cap.
Cap materials.
Sponge electrodes made of plastic lids with shielded cable, silver plate and silicone gel.


Alpha waves measured on the occipital lobe. In the graph, you can see how beta waves make way for alpha when the eyes are closed.
A USB to RS232 (DB9) conversion cable, to conveniently connect the device to computers without a serial port available.