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The ModularEEG

General information

The ModularEEG device is made up of two or more EEG amplifiers, and a 6-channel signal capture board that connects to a PC via a standard serial cable. The standard setup has two EEG channels.

As with any EEG device that you build yourself, there is a risk of injury involved. Make sure you read the WARNING file below.

The cost of a complete system is 200 to 400 USD. The exact figure depends a lot on where you buy parts from, and whether you buy or make your own electrodes. You do not have to be an electronics expert by any means, but you will need to know how to handle a soldering iron, and be able to read a schematic.

General information (has ModularEEG sections)

Design Documentation

Build Documentation


Design Modifications

Parts Substitutions

Troubleshooting, Testing, and Calibration


Olimex, an electronics manufacturer, is selling the bare PCBs and preassembled circuit boards. Their OpenEEG page is found here.