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Simple ModularEEG

The idea of this page is that, if you follow the directions in the "Simple" column, you will have a ModularEEG with a minimum of fuss.  The Links columns is reference material, often with ways of doing things more cost effectively (although this usually involves more fuss).  The links will give you more information, some of which may be relevant.

Just a warning that, although these are the simplest instructions, they still involve putting the PCBs (see below) in a case and wiring them to the case. So maybe "Comparitively simple" would be better.

Term definition: PCB = Printed Circuit Board.  You don't have to make these, you can buy them.  They look like a board with a whole bunch of electronics on it (just like in your computer, but smaller).  These are sometimes referred to as "Circuit Boards" or just "Boards" in other documents, but in the simple documents, I refer to them always as "PCBs"

Assumptions you will need to make:

  • You already know why you want an EEG, have done some background reading, and have read the WARNING
  • You don't mind spending a little (hopefully very little) more to save yourself some hassle
  • You want to build a ModularEEG, which is the only finished design by the OpenEEG project (others are underway)

General Step
Simple Links to the OpenEEG site/Dan Griffiths
Necessary Information
Mental Preparation
Ensure you have read the following, and are on the mailing list:
  • Background about OpenEEG, especially the FAQ.
  • Overview of ModularEEG [20kb]
  • All the instructions in this column, including all the links
  • Design
  • Preparation [DG]
  • Getting the parts
    Getting the PCBs Get from Olimex (pre-built) the PCBs (Need both Analogue and Digital) (~$US171).
  • Acquiring the Parts (~$US195 including electrodes, cables, etc) [DG]
  • Building the Circuits [DG]
  • Modular EEG
  • Case and Cabling Parts
    See the "Required Parts" section of my separate SimpleEEG Case and Cabling document
    Getting the Electrodes
    See the separate Electrodes page

    Preparing the Parts
    Ask the mailing list if there are any known problems with your version of the PCBs
    Cabling and Case
    See the "Preparing the Parts" section of my separate SimpleEEG Case and Cabling document

    Testing and Calibration This is necessary, and I can do nothing better than to recommend the testing instructions in the ModularEEG build documentation. Your pre-built PCB is already set up for 9V input.  You should perform the following steps: 2.1 "Pre-powerup" and "Test" section, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, and refer to the other documents in the Testing section of the ModularEEG pages as necessary

    Hooking everything up See Simple EEG Assembly

    This space left blank until I can make a recommendation myself; in the meantime, see the Links column
  • Software [OpenEEG]
  • Software [DG]
  • Don't actually hook this to yourself