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The text and graphics of this site are released under a Creative Commons license unless otherwise stated.

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Default site-wide license

The intention of having a default site-wide license is so that general text and graphics on the web-site should be 'free' (in the GNU sense) so that they can be used and modified by others in the group and elsewhere, and so that no-one has to worry about using or modifying previous contributors' work even if they temporarily disappear or leave the project.

However, as of Jul-2004, the situation with documentation licenses still seems to be not completely settled. The Creative Commons "Attribution-Sharealike" license seems to be heading in the direction we would like to go, but debian-legal still have some objections to the 2.0 version.

Still, for the moment, the default license for the web-site text and graphics is the Creative Commons "Attribution-Sharealike 2.0", but this will be updated to a later (more DFSG-friendly) version of this license should one be developed, or perhaps even to some other similar license. Anyone contributing to the web-site by default accepts the approach we are taking here.

However, of course, if any contributor has particular preferences about licenses, they are welcome to put their work under some other license. Some of the self-contained documents on the site have their own license notices. Also, software and other packaged releases by the project linked from this web-site or kept in the project CVS come under their own free licenses (GPL, LGPL, CC, or whatever). The license notices should be found in the release notes or source files.